SFU Faculty of Physics - General Information

Last update: 5 февраля 2011г.http://phys.rsu.ru/

Training is provided in the following specializations:

physics; radiophysics and electronics; materials for solid state electronics; methods of teaching physics.

Academic specializations:

physics of crystals; computational physics; theoretical physics; technical Physics; VHF electrodynamics; astrophysics; solid state physics; radiophysics; quantum radiophysics; X-ray and optical spectroscopy; biophysics; medical physics.

Master's Degrees are available in the following specializations:

  • Physics of condensed matter (crystal physics and structure analysis; X-ray and optical spectroscopy; active materials and electronics of solids).
  • Theoretical and mathematical physics: quantum theory of solids; the theory of X-ray and electron spectra of solids; the theory of phase transitions; electron structure of ideal and defected crystals; crystal lattice dynamics; physics of low temperatures and fermisystems with non-trivial coupling; physics of elementary particles and ancient cosmology.
  • Physics of lasers.
  • Physics of radiowaves.
  • Physics of radioelectronic technologies.